When buying drums, the budget always seems to be an issue. Because we are talking about extremely expensive equipment, customers will welcome any kind of great value deal.

Many experts accept that purchasing electronic drum kits is the effective solution for both pros and beginners, as it helps cut the solid budget without lots of harm to the equipment. We show you the best electronic drum set, and hopefully, it will be your choice.

OSP DD502 DD-502MKII Starter Drum Set Kit

This kit comes with an extremely low price, yet provides all sonic segments that beginner drummers may need.


The sturdy package you may have here in terms of the budget, quite easy for users to transport as well as offering realistic full-on experiences of live drum kits. In addition to the Aluminum framework as well as the digital module along with LED display, this product includes 3 tom drums just for fills, 1 snare drum, 3 cymbals, one hi-hat pedal in order to maintain timing, as well as the kick drum along with pedal used for low-end beats.

Additional equipment in the kit includes two drumsticks, the 110-volt adapter, all of the essential cables; color coded and labeled a detailed manual and 215 voices, twenty preset kits, ten user kits, as well as fifty preset songs.

 The Sound

It is quite good as well as packed with all necessary aspects. They are electronic drum kits that are perfect for practice at home, yet also for small jam sessions as well as rehearsals. It’s quite versatile as well as capable of covering many musical genres and styles.

Yamaha DTX-400K Electronic Drum Kit

This kit is a pretty practical as well as highly affordable drum kit. Basic looks, efficient performance, basic vibe, this set will meet your needs of practice at a pretty cheap price.


Apart from the useful features, this product has a pretty brand new trigger module providing 297 quality sounds, and KU100 kick units for drum beats with silent bass. In terms of standard stuff, the kit consists of 2 7.5’’ toms, a 7.5 inches floor tom, one kick drum, one hi-hat, as well as ten-inch cymbals –a ride and a crash.


Its sound offers all necessary things you will need for your practice sessions. And it is versatile enough to cover all musical genre and style, giving players a quite genuine feel in order to keep them motivated. Although the practice session is what this equipment is about, it could easily be used for the small jam session.

Roland TD-1K Electronic Drum set


This kit features 3 toms, 3 cymbals, one snare drum as well as one kick drum. Also, it is really lightweight as well as could be utilized in every situation. Its versatility is quite fair, though portability and affordability stand out and are one of the most impressive features. Those same features will make practice much easier as well as are neglected, so as we say, this kit would improve your performance.


The user agrees that this set offers a pretty sound which the price may suggest, yet it’s not a set that you can utilize for your live shows. Yet considering its low price, this might be your best choice of electronic drum sets. Fairly versatile, quite strong, and more importantly – does perfectly the job that it was made to do.

In sum

If you are finding the best electronic drums at suitable costs, these will be the products that would fit your financial demand and also deliver high-quality sound. And they are the perfect drum set for both beginners and for anyone finding portable kits for the practice purpose.