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Are you enjoying your music right now? Well, they say music is not something to compromise. But in fact, you are doing it every day, when you listen to the mix with your high-end expensive speakers in your bedroom, or your living room. Why? Because they are all acoustic badly treated rooms. You know, maybe it has to do something with your room when you can’t hear much. It’s time you ended those compromises, for good. Or else you will be feeling very unpleasant. I mean, if you invest in something but you only get half of it in return, will you be happy? No, apparently and absolutely. No, you won’t. Then don’t deal with it any longer. You need to have your home studio, NOW. Your home studio is your safe haven, where you can open the door, walk in and close it behind you. Nothing can touch you anymore. In your personal listening place you will have no choice but to give in and surrender to your track world.

The need of your own home studio is real. Especially if you don’t have enough money to spend on professional care for your track. So why wait? Get your ass here and I will help you build your home studio right away. So… this is basically what I do in this blog, giving advice and tips on studio at home, providing tutorials and buying guides when it comes to equipment of home studio. And not to mention, I also have a DIY section where housework is easily done.

When I get bored, I often do the… housework. Yeah, I know it sounds funny to you but it’s true. And I find myself a bit creative when it comes to create helpful tools and ways to handle stuffs at home. From folding clothes to making a new clothes hanger, a bit silly I know, I discover new things we can do without any trouble but we didn’t used to know how to do them easily.

Yes, these two topics will gradually appear in my posts, maybe others will be revealed but still, these are main goal of mine. So if you have any difficulties when you purchase gear for your new home studio, or you don’t know how to set up equipments in a productive arrangement, or even when you know how to iron your clothes without burning it, like ever, don’t hesitate to tell me. And if you have any question, email me [email protected], I’m at your service.

Once again, thanks for visiting my blog.