Yes, having a small shelter can provide with a variety of advantages that people never think of. The inconvenience which always flashes in your head whenever mini home living is mentioned may go away after you have finished this  article.


Economical price

Over the last 6 decades, prices have increased non-stop that having their own house is only a dream to some people, especially with low-income couples. Then modern tiny houses come as a solution. The truth is, small houses require smaller area (100 – 160 meter square, usually), as well as less money spent on buying building materials or constructing. Then it must be the reason why tiny houses are so favored by young couples, students, retired individuals and others, since they offer such a proper price of building or building a house just as much as buying a car. I mean, let’s imagine, you can have a cozy, comfortable house or a mere car, what would you choose? Also, which one you like better, to buy a small house with abundant convenience or to buy big one and end up with a huge debt?

Moreover, you will not have much space to decorate when living in a small house. Only particular rooms, such as the living room or the kitchen, would need some furniture in it. And now you can buy efficient stuffs for your own liking, durable and pretty with no worries that you may run out of money. Do you understand, less but better? And please, don’t think of such things like “Oh where I am going to put all my stuffs?”. Maybe small corners will show you that, you won’t be needing that much.

Cheap living costs

It is evidential that small houses don’t have much rooms to heat or cool, which means their owners don’t need to spend too much money on air conditioner or heater either. Also with light, water and so on. We all know that big houses, on the other hand, cost a great amount of money on conditioning without using it up. The saving program is not effective since there were too much space to control the resources used (which has become a huge problem, you know~).

In addition, when you live in a small house, you don’t struggle to clean up the whole house because it is already so small, haha. The cleaning task has become so much easier and time-saving. In exchange, now you can have more time for other stuffs, like cooking, reading or going out, which you can never have if you own a large mansion. And if you usually pay someone so they can clean up the mess for you, that will not be necessary anymore. In short, smaller house means less cleaning, more money and more time.

Comfy and cozy

Big houses are often cold and silent, especially with just one or two people living in. But it is totally different when it comes to tiny house, the emptiness hardly showing up, and rooms connected together make it hard to remain ‘silent’. But it is also more comfortable and cozy, since everything feels more intimate.


Some people even choose to make their tiny house portable so as to freely travel here and there, bringing along all the belongings. This kind of tiny house is different from an RV, with more advance and durable. In fact, RV serves the purpose of moving frequently but it is built on cheaper materials, resulting not very durable condition.