Long gone those days consumers have difficulty choosing windows since the type and design were not so various. Today, when the options are no longer limited, millions of companies and trillions of window designs with different features has put us in another dilemma: which one to choose? Whether you are going to build a new house or replace old windows, the problem is so confusing. So, scroll down slowly to glance at some criteria I personally think would help you.


Choose one that suits your home décor:

It should look good from both the inside and the outside of your house, in order that the architectural style of yours are valuably shown. Your house has contemporary trend or follow the traditional style? The former will suits better floor to ceiling windows, which give the full dynamic view whereas the latter should be accompanied by diamond-shaped mullioned windows.

 Choose one that is energy efficient:

 Compare efficiency ratings before buying a window can help you to pay less for heating and cooling costs and make the most of your budget. Let’s talk a little about energy efficiency. To be qualified for Energy Star status, window makers must meet these two main standards: U-value, which measures a window unit’s resistance to heat loss; Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which measures how much heat enters a home through the glass. About this two indices, the lower the better efficiency windows provide with.

Choose one that serves your needs of light and air:

Basically, windows are used to allow light transmittance. But that of each room is different since it has its own purpose, for instance, small rooms require more light to make it larger, therefore you should build a window wall. Pantry store needs window to make space more pleasant, but not a very big one because we don’t often have that much space, so a transom will do.

If you want a window that provides you with the amount of air wanted, then choose the single-hung design, because it can adjust the ventilation from zero to half of the window area. Another type of window made for both ventilation and sightseeing is casement style. Its features suit many architectural home designs nowadays, plus, the price is quite good.                      

Choose the glass you want:

We cannot ignore the heart of your windows, right? When it comes to glass, the puzzle game is still going strong. But don’t worry, it is not that hard to make a choice. Purchase clear glass if you are so confusing, it is the basic material but giving the same efficiency anyways. Nowadays, manufactures even give you more glazing options, like Low-E coating, which somehow saves more time choosing a window. Reflective film coated on  window panes also offers an effective heat-absorbing system. You absolutely have rights to put on a window with many layers, one, two or even three panes of glass give the best energy saving, since the thickness has reduced all the U-value. Don’t hesitate to put colorful glass at the top of your list, no one ever says you can’t, right?

Consider the sash and frame:

 Like the ‘bones’ of your windows, the sash and frame are worth noticing because they decide the long-live existence. Aluminum is light and cheap, but not very energy efficient. Fiberglass is new in town, extremely stable in different climate conditions, not often rot, warp or shrink but quite expensive. Vinyl is well-known for its durability, cheaper than fiberglass and more energy efficient than aluminum. Oh, don’t forget the woody windows which have existed for centuries, you know?