The challenge of a pregnant woman is reaching the end of pregnancy placidly sleeping all night. Pillows for Pregnant help get a good and necessary rest during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a time for women as pretty as exhausting. During the first quarter, we can find discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, disgusts, etc … all related to the stomach. Evenings are relaxed and can maintain a quality sleep. But during the second and third trimester of pregnancy sleep, all night can become quite a feat. Therefore, the use of special pillows for pregnant women can help achieve a better quality and quantity of sleep in the last months of pregnancy.

Sleepless nights turn? How to deal with them …

From the fourth month of pregnancy when the belly begins to show its best, it becomes increasingly difficult to sleep. Doctors advise sleeping on your side to improve blood flow to both mom and baby.

The problem is that not all women can sleep sleeping on her side all night. Most pregnant during the last months of pregnancy, usually present at night backaches, hips and even pain in the pelvic area and legs. Those aches and pains make it impossible to sleep through the evening and rest.

Conventional pillows usually have in-house, or cushions, are not sufficient to obtain a position that is comfortable and healthy at the same time. Found in normal pillows problems volume, hardness, and materials give us heat or constantly move, deform and height are not usually adequate. In the end, choose pillows designed specifically for pregnant women will be the best solution.

Pillows for pregnant tend to avoid all these mentioned drawbacks, because they have been specially built for this stage of women, and its ergonomic shape and its support structure are unique.

How are the pillows for pregnant?

There are different types of pillows for pregnant, materials and shapes. We recommend that when choosing a pillow you to consider the following points, which will be crucial to achieving a restful sleep and relieve any inconvenience will arise:

  • Pillows quite compact, not occupying too much space on the bed.
  • Made of 100% cotton or mostly. If you submit polyester, which is hypoallergenic. In any case, it should be quite breathable.
  • Easy to wash: If you do not have covers that can be removed and put back unless they are washable and can get into the whole washing machine without being deformed.
  • They maintain their shape is essential to fit the body of the pregnant woman and achieve the purpose for which they are designed.
  • Comfort, versatility, adaptability, fit and flexibility are some of the adjectives that have to have our pillow for pregnant women.

Types of pillows for pregnant

Pillows pregnant must be designed to adapt fully to the body shape of women, giving comfort and perfect back fit, hips, legs, belly, etc …In the market there are various options, here we present some models and ideas that you can help:

  • Maternity Pillows: Two pillows together by Velcro to offer support both the back and belly.
  • Wedge pregnancy is a wedge-shaped pillow, provides support to the belly when we are lying sideways.
  • Full body pillow: pillows are a meter and a half long, designed to support your back and belly.
  • Tubular pillow: A pillow-shaped tube or column, to which the pregnant woman can embrace and thus find support in the stomach and back. It can also be used to at the time of breastfeeding, to leave the baby on it and relieve back pain and mom’s arms in that period.

Some recommended brands

Then we leave for pregnant models pillows very accurate, of different brands and their approximate prices in Spain:

Motherhood brand pillows

It has best body pillow for pregnancy. The biggest drawback is that it has no cover, making it difficult to wash. The price is approximately 70 €. It is quite convenient and practical.

Julius brand Zollner

This brand offers pillows for pregnant women, 190 cm. long. They are the longest in the market. It noted for its comfort and breathability. The filling is foam, and its price is about 40 euros. There are pillows for contractures, called “smart pillows Simmons.”

The brand Candide

This brand also has pillows for pregnant, measuring 70 x 45 x 15 cm, and its weight is 989 grams. Among the views of users, low quality gives your fill, that not be cotton or foam is too hard to be tolerated in comfort. Its price is about 40 euros.

The brand Geraldine

The Geraldine brand has one of the cushions of all pregnant cheaper, approximately 27 €, but does not include a cover (additional cost 18 €). It measures 170 cms. It is a somewhat soft pillow and is easily deformed, although the value is quite acceptable for the last months of pregnancy.