Yup, you hear us.

It’s simple, like the title said. KICK SOME ASS Drums are glaring, crude, powerful, clumsy, unmissable, bulky, inappropriate, primal and supa dupa awesome. The person who has learnt to play drums must know all of these. No lack of courage is allowed. Drums have no room for weakness. If you want to be a truly talented drummer, just play as you like. Either simple or complicated, you have your own style, your own way of thinking. You’re ready to kick some ass!

  • PRACTICE This is clearly important, obvious and fundamental. However, it involves a quite big amount of hand & eye coordination, since you know, you have to do multi tasks, physical tasks to be specific, at the same time. Your brain will take time to accommodate these actions, so that it would feel comfortable while you play it free. The feeling of comfort is the key here, you won’t be able to be yourself if you don’t feel loose. As far as we know, practice is the only method to improve your playing efficiently.

  • GO TO A LOT OF SHOWS Watching people play drum live is kind of inspring. It makes you feel confident and enthusiastic. Try to pick a seat that is as close to the drummers as possible, from that sight of view, you will learn people’s tricks, what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Everything appears to be easier when you get to see a real professional drummer in front of you, fresh and blood, showing you how playing drum really is. Yes you can sit in front of the computer screen to watch and listen, but nothing compares to watch them play live.

  • TRY NOT TO MAKE FUNNY FACES / LOOK GOOD We have a lot of things to do in this state. As you can see, drummers are often strong and sweaty. That is one style. But being cool and foxy isn’t a bad idea after all. Just don’t make ridiculous things around your fans, you know.
  • LEARN WAYS TO PLAY QUIET There would be days that you learn to play a sensitive song. You must not be panic. Play it quietly, like turn off your snare, break out the tambourine or the maraca, and stuffs.
  • PLAY LONG FILLS.Yeah, this takes a while to practice and play smoothly but it’s worth the try. This is important, very highly important. Nobody’s going to care about you if at the end of a phrase you decide to drop an eight-measure fill. I mean NOBODY.
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!!Yeah, don’t neglect this point. Drums are said to be the most interesting instrument, and the one that people respond to physically. Don’t be hesitate to show people what you do, where you come from, what makes you YOU. Don’t be down just because of a simple mistake, but try to explore, to improvise. Here is what your style made of.