The replacing subwoofer can be simple or very complicated, depending on the situation, but there are some tips that can help the process go more smoothly. In situations of audio home theater, replacing the subwoofer usually just go to find a speaker that is not too big to handle for the receiver or amplifier. The audio contexts replacement car subwoofer can be more complicated because it is necessary to use a speaker that fits in the old physical housing, or to find a new housing that fits in the vehicle to locate. It is also important to ask whether the former subwoofer is powered or unpowered, as a subwoofer without engines is required to operate an amplifier. To replace a subwoofer, it can also be interesting to try temporary repair procedures such as registration of a torn or rewind the coil cone.

Home theater subwoofers are used for low-frequency effects channel so that both listen to music and watch movies experiments can be affected when they fail speakers. In some cases, it is possible to open a subwoofer home theater speaker to replace the speaker, although these envelopes are not suitable for such repairs. When replacing these subwoofers, one of the most important factors to remember is that the speaker is not too big for the receiver or amplifier is manageable. It might also be a good idea to select a replacement of the active subwoofer so that the receiver or amplifier has more power available to the rest of the speakers.

Audio Subwoofer Replacement car can be more complicated due to the unique size limitations. When replacing a subwoofer plant, it is important to locate a replacement speaker that matches the available space. Many car audio stores special catalogs that show the exact dimensions of each brand and model, but it is also possible to remove the old measurement units. It is also important to ask whether the former subwoofer is powered or unpowered. Adaptations subwoofers work necessary amplifiers, which produced some concerns about not understanding or overloading the amplifier.

To replace a subwoofer, it is sometimes useful to consider the speaker and try an easy repair. Most repairs subwoofer is only temporary, but they can often allow you to use the speaker until a replacement can be obtained. If the component subwoofer tears paper cone, sometimes it is possible to glue them back. In this case, a solid band, flexible or glue is used to support the bending of the cone. Another component which can sometimes be repaired is a voice coil, either by rinsing or installation of a replacement device.

Subwoofers are designed to reproduce the bass more clearly the speaker full range.

The top products recommended by Mr Vehicle Blog – best subwoofers for the money


– Operation: bass reflex – Volume advised: 18 L – Diaphragm: unpressed reinforced carbon paper – RMS Power: 100 Watts – Yield: 87.1 dB – Frequency Response: 30-2000 Hz – Resonant Frequency: 36 3 Hz – Impedance: 4 Ohm – Depth: 10 cm Prices: 109 Euros

Our opinion: to make the most of this subwoofer DLS recommends a vented enclosure of 18 liters. It’s bigger than a closed box, but in exchange, the W308B well down the low end and announces strong performance. The production is classic and neat, and especially the price is very affordable.

Focal 21 WX

– Operation: Closed – Volume advised: 15 or 30 L – Membrane: Sandwich W – RMS Power: 250 Watts – Yield: 86.5 dB – Frequency Response: 29-500 Hz – Resonant Frequency: 36.63 Hz – Impedance: 4 Ohm – Depth: 10.6 cm Approximate price: 600 Euros

our opinion: This subwoofer manufacturer of Utopia line Saint-Etienne, is the most expensive of our record. This is a premium product (multi-ferrite motor, sandwich membrane W,) in which Focal has put all its know-how to offer a serious audiophile in a minimum of space. This sub is designed to operate in a closed box of 15 or 30 liters depending sought listening and volume available in the car. Tested and listened to different facilities, 21 WX provides excellent results with great sound quality.

Ground Zero GZHW 20X

– Operation: Closed, bass-reflex – Volume Recommended: 9 L closed 16 BR – Membrane: aluminum cone – RMS Power: 400 Watts – Yield: 81.9 dB – Frequency Response: NC – Resonant Frequency: 32.6 Hz – Impedance: 2×2 Ohm – Depth: 12 cm Prices: 189 Euros

Our opinion: Designed to work in small closed or bass reflex subwoofer, this sub-Ground Zero cash strong power. With its cone in one piece of aluminum, it offers a very good level of serious. To have already tested this sub-range of Hydrogen delivers a powerful bass and punchy which is well suited to the modern music. Performance, build quality, the price of the subwoofer is perfectly justified.

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