At the moment, there are many strategies together with different kinds of material to construct a  whole building or a simple house. It depends on elements that affect the utilities of the structures, such as climate, atmosphere or the amount of materials used. One of them, stucco, is worth trying if your model with different parts. Blocks with thousands of years old, built with stucco on the exterior, have existed for centuries. Stucco systems are not a bad choice for your home, if you are still wondering, because they work perfectly on various structures and designs, even from a tree to a castle.

Below are the answers to the question: Why homeowners and businesses use stucco for their walls and buildings?


Stucco structures are very energy efficient: Stucco is made up of lime, silica and cement, formed in many layers on wood, brick or metal. Basically, coated stucco on four walls forms a shield around, making it cooler in the summer but warmer in the winter.

Stucco help to soundproof: This is a huge benefit for people who are living or working in a noisy neighborhood or across a subway station, whose sounds easily become unbearable.

Stucco is a fire-resistant material: Fireproof walls influenced by  a plaster system including the type of material used for the support member, size of the support member, thickness of the section and others. According to Uniform building code, Exterior-wall stucco of an inch thick (nominally 7/8 inch) offer one-hour fire rating.

Stucco is an easy and quick installation: Applying stucco normally takes a day or two. Whether you want it on concrete masonry or woodframe buildings. The exterior choices also vary, since you have already provide such a power over you house. Stucco blends in exactly with the color you choose to paint, while other kinds of siding are pre-chosen by manufacturers. You can change the color afterwards, if it does not look good with you anymore and there will not be a problem.

Stucco is worth it: At first, you may find it kind of expensive to place stucco on the exterior walls of the whole buildings. But on the second thought, you will see that you have saved a huge amount of money from repairing and maintenance problems due to the merciless climate. Stucco systems often has a longevity of about 50 years, with owner’s simple maintenace.

Stucco’s flexibility is no joke: Like I have said before, stucco get along well with  different  colors in the palette. Moreover, it can also be mixed with stones to provide a  more ornamental decoration. People with creativity is its best friends, as one love to invent as many structures as possible, and another is so freaking flexible. Guess this is why contemporary styles of home are that numerous, we cannot underestimate human creativity~

However,  applying  stucco on houses or building at extreme rainy areas is not a wise choice though. Stucco structures have kinda low toleration towards moisture and expansion. Afterall, they seems to perform best in rather dry climate, against the wind and sun more. One tips for you when choosing color to paint, consider clearly in the first time. If not, selecting another will have you sandblast it off to make new stucco bond to old one.